Weekly Workout October 15th

Monday Workout

12-1:30 pm

Fitness Scavenger Hunt. Be prepared to run or walk the “Town Loop” starting and ending at Bishop’s Beach. You will be ‘hunting’ for your next workout activities along the route. Meet at the Bishop’s Beach pavilion. Bring sturdy running/walking shoes and phone or camera– yes, there will be photo evidence! Join afterwards for tea and cookies to welcome newcomers and talk about the KWN season plans.


Wednesday Workout


Where: Karen Hornaday Park

What: Pole Bounding and Strength Training

Bring: Classic Ski Poles, Water Bottle and Light Gloves


Friday Workout:


Meet lower lot high school

Slow jog or hike to

Stream Hill park.

Plyo/ strength exercises.

Followed by ski stride repeats up stream with some pyos Incorporated.

Easy slow recovery back down in between sets.

Goal; improving strength & balance and finding your stride.


Saturday Workout:


Meet at Roger’s Loop, Lower Baycrest Trail

We will run, hike, bound to Dimond Ridge and back or to homestead loop bench and back.


Save the Date:

October 25th – Grace Ridge Brewery Season Kick-off Gathering


Come out and celebrate the start of our season. There will be food to share and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages available to drink.

KWN 2018/2019 Season Announcement

Hello KWN skiers,

We are excited to announce KWN’s first day of practice will be October 15th, 12 to 1:30 pm. On our first day we will kick off the 2018/2019 season with a fun group workout at Bishops Beach. It also will be an opportunity to meet the coaches. We hope you can join us for tea and cookies after the workout at Bishops Pavilion.

 Mark your calendars for the KWN Start of the Season Social on October 25th! Details will be posted by October 1st.

This season group workouts will be four days a week 12 to 1:30/2 pm, Mon., Wed., Fri., and Saturdays. The program fee for the season is $150. This season we also are offering a weekends only program opportunity for $100. Program fees support trail maintenance, KWN wax supplies for group events and KWN waxing clinics,  KNSC administration fees,  housing cost for group events, and equipment purchases. This year we will facilitate KWN participation in the Tour of Tsalteshi, Tour of Anchorage, and Homer Marathon.

KNSC is updating their online registration, so please wait to register online. We will make an announce when the new registration is available.

Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing another fabulous KWN season.

-KWN coaches: Alison, Annie, Emily, Jasmine and Stacey

March 5th to 11th


All smiles at the start of the 25 km skate Tour of Anchorage.

Congratulations to all the KWN gals that skied the Tour of Anchorage this weekend! Here are the results for all the Homer skiers that participated.

From dominating the podium in the 25k skate event to multiple age classes awards, you made us all proud! Special congratulations to Emily Lints and Hanna Young for their 1st and 3rd place finishes in the 25 km skate race, and to Mary Lou Burton for her 1st in age group finish. And an extra big acknowledgement to the ladies who skied strong and slayed their 2016 times. Claire matched her 25 k time almost to the second(!!), Alison reduced her 40k time by 3 minutes, Stacey reduced her 50k time by 5 minutes, and Kim Sweeny reduced her 25 k time by 20 minutes. Wowza, that’s almost 1 minute per kilometer, Go Kim!! There’s no slowing this crowd down.

KWN results:
50 km
Stacey Buckelew, 3:03, 3rd age group, 13th overall

40 km:
Alison O’Hara, 2:34, 6th age group, 31st overall

25 km:
Emily Lints,1:30, 1st overall, 1st age group
Hanna Young, 1:31, 3rd overall, 2nd age group
Claire Neaton, 1:47, 5th age group, 21st overall
Jasmine Maurer, 1:56, 11th age group, 39th overall
Janelle Moerlein, 1:57, 13th age group, 41st overall
Mary Lou Burton, 2:20, 1st age group, 93rd overall
Kim Sweeny, 2:26, 5th age group, 101 overall

Results for KNSC skiers representing Homer:
Caleb Rauch, 2:02, 5th age group, 8th overall
Denver Wacklawski, 2:54, 3rd age group, 82nd overall
Kevin Walker, 3:15, 13th age group, 94th overall
Tara Schmidt, 2:27, 5th age group, 18th overall
Katia Holmes, 2:54, 2nd age group, 55th overall
Kate Baring, 2:54, 3rd age group, 56th overall

Kyle (O’Laire) Lints, 7th overall, 3rd age group
Wilfrid Roedl, 2:18, 12th age group, 112th overall

This week is our last week of practice for the 2017/2018 season. We will have a waxing day on Friday (note the time will differ from regular practice) to prep skis for the Marathon. There are three distances this year, 13 km ,25 km and 42 km. For more information or to register click here. 

We will have an end of season gathering in April, details TBD. The KWN Facebook page will continue to be available to organize group skis and share conditions as spring brings crust skiing opportunities.


  • Wednesday 12 to 1:30: Meet Alison at Sunset, choose the technique you plan to ski for the Homer Marathon. We will ski a slow 60 minutes with four to five 30 second pick-ups mixed in. We will also talk a bit about the mental strategies and pacing for a distance event.


  • Thursday 12 to 1:30: Meet Jasmine at McNeil, with the skis for the technique you plan to ski  for the Homer Marathon. We will practice mass starts and finishes and get in a self-paced easy ski of 60 minutes.


  • Friday 3:30 to 7:30ish: Meet at Lookout bunker with your race skis. We will wax as a group for the race.


  • Saturday Homer Marathon Event at McNeil Canyon Trails, 25 km and 42 km start at 9:30, the 13 km tour starts at 10 am.