Weekly Workout – Week Five

Weekly Workout – Week Five

Monday November 12
Noon – 1:30pm
Meet at base of the spit
Stretching and ski specific exercises followed by easy distance jogging or hiking, or roller skiing, or cycling.
Bring layers, a snack, and water.
Kathy 9074357375

Wednesday November 14
Noon – 1:30pm
Meet at Paul Banks Elementary School.
Bring gloves and classic ski poles. Warm-up through Calvin Coyle Trails to Stream Hill subdivision. We will do 3-4 minute pole bounding or striding intervals at level three.

Friday November 16
Meet at the base of the spit.
This workout can be done walking, running, biking or roller skiing. We will warm up for 15 minutes and then do a series of intervals alternating between easy, moderate and hard effort. We will be monitoring heart rates. Bring a heart rate monitor if you have one or a watch. Helmets for bikers and roller skiers. (Emily will be rollerskiing).

Saturday November 17th
10am – noon
Meet at Eveline Trails.
We will be running/hiking the trails and stopping at various locations to do plyos. Bring water, snacks, and extra layers.

Saturday November 17th
6 – 9pm
Annual Meeting and Fundraiser for KNSC. Bring a potluck dish to share and don’t miss out on this fun event.

Weekly Workout – Week Four

Monday November 5th

Noon – 1:30pm

Meet at Karen Hornaday Park

Stretching and ski specific exercises followed by

Long slow distance, jogging or hiking. We will explore some of the cool hidden trails in town in that area. Poles are optional.

Bring layers, a snack, and water.

Coach Kathy (907) 435-7375


Wednesday November 7th

Noon – `1:30pm

Meet at Karen Horanday Park

We will be pole bounding and doing playground dynamics.

Bring gloves and classic poles

Coach Allison (907) 299-6275


Wednesday November 7th

5:30- 7pm

SKI SWAP at Homer High School

Find, sell, trade your winter ski gear and equipment. The high school ski team will be waxing skis for donations so bring your skis. KWN will be helping with Junior Nordic rental equipment. Please contact Kathy or Annie if you are able to help.


Friday November 9th

Noon – 1:30pm

Homer high school track, speed workout.

We will warm up jogging the cross country trails for two laps. Then we will do 20×30 second speeds with 1:30 minute jogging recovery between each. Speeds may be a mix of running and ski bounding.  We will cool down with two laps of the cross country trails and stretch.

Coach Emily (907) 299-1269.


Saturday November 10th

10am – Noon


Meet at Karen Horanday Park. We will be running up reber, over Dimond Ridge, down through Homestead Trail (left on Rucksack) across Highland, and back to the park for a total of ten ½  miles. There will be a shorter loop option for walkers that totals approximately seven miles. Come out and do what you can (an out and back is also fun). Dogs on leashes and walkers/ strollers (shorter route) are encouraged. Bring a friend or significant other – this run will be open to Kachemak Bay Running Club as well.

Coach Annie (907) 756-1110



KNSC Annual Meeting November 17th at Elks Lodge – auction, fundraiser, and potluck

Weekly Workout – Week Three







Monday: 12-1:30. Meet at the Base of the Homer Spit. We will be doing a long-slow distance run or walk at low tide at Mariner’s Beach aiming for 60-minutes of continuous movement. This will be interspersed with plyo reps done every 5 minutes. Bring a watch. Coach Stacey (907)717-4583.


Wednesday: 12-1:30. Meet at the HHS track. We will be doing ski specific exercises and strength circuits. Bring gloves and a yoga mat if you have one. Coach Alison (907)299-6275.


Friday: 12-1:30, Homer High School Track.  We’ll warm-up with a little ski walking and stair climbing.  Then we will do 4x100m pickups with a 100m recovery in between each one.  Our track workout will have 3 choices to fit all levels: A) 4x400m with walk recovery, B) 4x400m with jog recovery or C) 6x400m with jog recovery.  We’ll cool down for 10-20mns. Bring water. Strollers are fine. Coach Emily (907)299-1269.


Saturday: 10-12. Meet at the Community Center on East End Road. We will be dragging tires up through the Quiet Creek Subdivision to the trail at the top and upward on the trail. Bring water, snacks, extra layers, classic poles, and a backpack or harness to attach your tire. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to drag a tire if you don’t want to, but there will be many sizes to choose from. Coach Annie (907)756-1110.



November 7th

Ski Swap – buy, sell, trade used ski and winter gear at HHS @5:30-7pm. The high school ski team will also be waxing skis as a fundraiser so bring your skis with you to get waxed! Junior Nordic needs help with checking out equipment this night, so please come help volunteer.

November 17th

Annual Meeting – KNSC annual fundraising event at the Elks Lodge @6pm.  

Weekly Workout – Week Two

What an amazing first week of KWN! It was so nice to see new faces as well as friendly, familiar ones. I just love this time of year. Here is the workout plan for week two. There’s no such thing as bad weather when you’re in great company!



Meet at Stream Hill Park subdivision at the little parking lot at bottom of the hill near trail/bridge.

We are going on an adventure hike up the normal trail and then will veer off into woods and follow smaller trail beyond & up to Mission Rd and then to Fireweed Rd and then back.

Folks can turn back whenever they want. This is a walk/hike/stride uphill. This is not a speed workout, everyone finds their own hiking/talking pace.

Bring water, snacks, layers. Trekking or shorter ski poles optional. Call/text Kathy (907)435-7375 if you have any questions.



Where: Meet at  Karen Hornaday Park

What: Plyos and Reber Hill Repeats. Walk, stride or bound.

Bring: Water bottle and layered clothes.



Grace Ridge Brewery – Season Kickoff Party!

5:30-7:00 PM



Meet at the base of the Spit. Easy distance day with optional fartleks for a total of one hour. You choose: run, walk, bike, or rollerski. Coach Emily will be on rollerskis.



Meet at Bishops Beach parking lot. We will carpool to Diamond Creek Trail. We will run/hike the new single track down to the beach and hike/run the low tide back to Bishops Beach, approximately 8 miles total. Bring water, snacks, extra layers, and a rain jacket.

Weekly Workout October 15th

Monday Workout

12-1:30 pm

Fitness Scavenger Hunt. Be prepared to run or walk the “Town Loop” starting and ending at Bishop’s Beach. You will be ‘hunting’ for your next workout activities along the route. Meet at the Bishop’s Beach pavilion. Bring sturdy running/walking shoes and phone or camera– yes, there will be photo evidence! Join afterwards for tea and cookies to welcome newcomers and talk about the KWN season plans.


Wednesday Workout


Where: Karen Hornaday Park

What: Pole Bounding and Strength Training

Bring: Classic Ski Poles, Water Bottle and Light Gloves


Friday Workout:


Meet lower lot high school

Slow jog or hike to

Stream Hill park.

Plyo/ strength exercises.

Followed by ski stride repeats up stream with some pyos Incorporated.

Easy slow recovery back down in between sets.

Goal; improving strength & balance and finding your stride.


Saturday Workout:


Meet at Roger’s Loop, Lower Baycrest Trail

We will run, hike, bound to Dimond Ridge and back or to homestead loop bench and back.


Save the Date:

October 25th – Grace Ridge Brewery Season Kick-off Gathering


Come out and celebrate the start of our season. There will be food to share and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages available to drink.

KWN 2018/2019 Season Announcement

Hello KWN skiers,

We are excited to announce KWN’s first day of practice will be October 15th, 12 to 1:30 pm. On our first day we will kick off the 2018/2019 season with a fun group workout at Bishops Beach. It also will be an opportunity to meet the coaches. We hope you can join us for tea and cookies after the workout at Bishops Pavilion.

 Mark your calendars for the KWN Start of the Season Social on October 25th! Details will be posted by October 1st.

This season group workouts will be four days a week 12 to 1:30/2 pm, Mon., Wed., Fri., and Saturdays. The program fee for the season is $150. This season we also are offering a weekends only program opportunity for $100. Program fees support trail maintenance, KWN wax supplies for group events and KWN waxing clinics,  KNSC administration fees,  housing cost for group events, and equipment purchases. This year we will facilitate KWN participation in the Tour of Tsalteshi, Tour of Anchorage, and Homer Marathon.

KNSC is updating their online registration, so please wait to register online. We will make an announce when the new registration is available.

Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing another fabulous KWN season.

-KWN coaches: Alison, Annie, Emily, Jasmine and Stacey