Training December 22-28

Yes, its time for the annual solstice poem about darkness:


          I love the dark hours of my being.

        My mind deepens into them.

        There I can find, as in old letters,

        the days of my life, already lived,

        and held like a legend, and understood.


        Then the knowing comes: I can open

        to another life that’s wide and timeless.

        So I am sometimes like a tree

        rustling over a gravesite

        and making real the dream

        of the one its living roots


        a dream once lost

        among sorrows and songs.

                                                                     Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God


That’s what happens when you spend long hours sitting in the dark doing deep contemplation….

You have made it back to REST and RECOVERY WEEK.. Wow I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks.

Training this week will be SUGGESTED only – the only day that will be led will be on Sunday, when I will be coming back to do a coaching clinic.  The following week’s coaching clinic will be back on the Wednesday schedule, on New Year’s Eve.  If you make it up to Anchorage, skiing is very nice at Hillside right now.

Monday: 10 minutes leg swings, one minute on right foot, one minute on left foot.  4 minutes V2 Hops on flat ground.  1:30 Level ONE run or ski.

Tuesday: 1 hour strength training…body work or weights.

Wednesday: Thirty minutes Level 2 run or ski.

Thursday:  CHRISTMAS!  Go for a ski or a walk with your family or your thoughts!

Friday:  Ski Your Age has been moved to January 10.  This is a great day to do some preparation for that event…. aim for a 3 hour plus Long Slow Distance workout or adventure.

Saturday: 1 hour strength training…body work and/or weights.

Sunday:  2-4 Coaching Clinic with Megan. SUNSET LOOP.  Park behind the fire hall facing the berm.  Skate rock skis.  Dress warmly. We will begin with a warm-up based off of last week’s lesson on building progressions using objects in the environment, and move on to another popular teaching theory model for developing lesson plans.  See you out there!


Thank you to everyone who went for a ski on Solstice for Lars… it means a lot.  🙂


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Home sweet Homer here I come. I am confused by the weather forecast but it looks like it may start to snow at the end of the week. Sunday will be announced on Saturday by ten p.m.

If amazing shoes and good looking men make you feel like throwing up, Rome will leave you continuously nauseated. 🙂

It is the HARD week.

Monday: 12-2 with coach Maddie. Base of Spit. Two hour run/hike with a ten stride speed every ten minutes.

Tuesday 10:30 yoga at Many Rivers

Tuesday 12-1 Karen Hornaday park with Coach Alison. Six minutes leg swings followed by hill repeats up the big hill behind the park. Walk backwards each time until the first corner. Ten hanging leg ups in between each repeat. Try to do the Polly.

Tuesday 4:30 with coach Jasmine. Same thing,

Wednesday with Coach Stacey. 12-2. HHS track. Six minutes leg swings. Five minutes v2 hops done in two shorter sections. 100 m lunge walk. 15 minute warm up run. Workout is 4 x 1600 m with one lap recovery jog in between. Try to run each mike within five seconds of each other.

Thursday with coach Megan. 12-1 Karen Hornaday park. Megan will be leading fantastic step aerobics on the picnic tables under the roof at Karen Hornaday. She will have a boom box and a headband and if you like Cher workout videos this is your day! Remember to push up with your back leg and use it equally with the leg that is on the step.

Friday with coach Megan. 12-2. Coaching clinic/dang good workout! Kachemak Community Center. We will be doing hill work with different leaders and different strides. Bring a water bottle.

Saturday,… Rest!!!

Sunday… Sunday Surges with Coach Megan.  Meet at HHS Parking Lot at 2 pm.  We will be BIKING (mountain or road bike) up East Hill, over the top and down West Hill and back down to the HHS.  Please wear a helmet, gloves and warm jacket.   Then, we will be doing a 20 lap challenge, which will be RUNNING as a group on the track for 20 laps.  Each lap there will be a rabbit (different each time) who decides when to surge and will lead a fast charge to the start/finish line.  The group will reassemble for the next lap.  This workout prepares you for quick response to changes in pace when you are in the pack at a ski race.  The charge can be for almost the whole lap or just the last 50 meters or anything in between.  However, if the rabbit surges the whole 400 m then the next rabbit can’t surge for over 200 meters.  If people come just for the run, please be at the track by 3 pm.

If you are a walker, I am hoping that the walkers can walk the East Hill/Fireweed Loop and meet us back at the HHS.